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Published and last updated: August 1st, 2020

Your privacy is important to us. This privacy statement explains the "personal data" AlphaNumeric processes, how AlphaNumeric processes it, and for what purposes.

Personal data we collect:

AlphaNumeric collects quite a minimal amount data from you, through the interactions you choose to initiate with us and through our products for a variety of purposes described below, including to operate effectively and provide you with the best experiences with our products.

Our products require minimal personal data to operate and provide you with a service.

The data we collect depends on the context of your interactions with AlphaNumeric and the choices you make (including your privacy settings), the products and features you use, your location, and applicable law. The data we collect can include the following:

Name and contact data: We are currently not collecting this data at all!

Credentials: We are not asking for or storing any credentials at all!

Demographic data (Data such as age, gender and preferred language): We are currently not collecting this data at all!

Payment data (Data such as your payment instrument number, credit card number and the security code associated with your payment instrument): We are not asking for it and are not storing any of this data at all!

Subscription and licensing data (Information about your subscriptions, licenses, and other entitlements): We are not collecting this data at all!

Interactions with us (Data such as error reports, Troubleshooting data and Browser configuration): Data you provide when you contact AlphaNumeric for help, such as the products you use, and other details that help us provide support e.g: contact data, the content of your chats and other communications with AlphaNumeric, data about the condition of your browser, error reports (sometimes called “crash dumps”) can include details of the software or hardware related to an error, contents of files opened when an error occurred, and data about your browser. This data is recorded and stored with us for analysis and future testing.

Search queries: Search queries and subsequent search results when you use AlphaNumeric products with search or related productivity functionality.

Social data (Data regarding your social media accounts / profiles or your relationships and interactions between you, other people, and organizations or any such types of engagements): We are not asking for or storing any such data at all!

Location data: We do not collect your precise location data - i.e. Data about your device’s location e.g.- data using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) (e.g., GPS) and data about nearby cell towers and Wi-Fi hotspots - such precise GNSS/GPS related or geo- coordinates data is not collected by AlphaNumeric. An imprecise often flawed and easily masked location can also be inferred from a device’s IP address at a country or generic region level. This imprecise data is gathered and stored by AlphaNumeric for search results’ relevancy.

Feedback: Information you provide to us and the content of messages you send to us, such as feedback, survey data, and product reviews you write is gathered and stored by AlphaNumeric for analysis.

Legal compliance: We process the limited data we have on you to comply with local laws.

How do we use this personal data:

AlphaNumeric uses the minimal data we collect, described above, to provide you with rich and interactive experiences. In particular, we use data to:


Provide our services, which includes updating, securing, and troubleshooting, as well as providing support.


Improve and develop new products.


Tailor the service for different regions of the world.

Cookies and similar technologies:

We do not use cookies to store any data such as your credentials, demographics, preferences, social or identification data (as we described above). Our cookies are invoked during runtime as a short- term real time resource to position the page content and they are destroyed on page-reload. We do not use any third party cookies. To take a step back and explain what cookies are: Cookies are small text files placed on your device to store data that can be recalled by a web server in the domain that placed the cookie. This data often consists of a string of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies your computer, but it can contain other information as well. Any cookie you see under our domain, has been placed either by your browser or by another third party software including but not limited to, 'browser extensions', tracking or anti-tracking software, any other OS-level software, etc. To reiterate, we do not store cookies nor rely on their persistence for running our software.

Changes to this privacy statement:

statement, we will notify you by prominently posting a notice of such changes before they take effect. We encourage you to periodically review this privacy statement to learn how AlphaNumeric is protecting your information. We update this privacy statement when necessary to provide greater transparency or in response to feedback from users, regulators, industry, or other stakeholders.